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Sitting here wishing on a cement floor.

I took Attila to the vet today, due to their being a small amount of blood in her poo. The vet didn't seem to feel it was going to be too big a deal (the bloodwork will be done tomorrow), but did mention something about her that changes things somewhat.

For those who don't remember, Attila has had a pretty hard life. She was born with a hip condition which limits her top speed and jumping ability, but otherwise doesn't really affect her. At some point, before the people who fostered her found her, she was homeless. Probably due to the hip issue, she was not having much luck catching prey, and was malnourished. She lost a lot of her teeth, probably at this point. So when we got her, and we're not foolish, we got her vet records too, the vet records said "Est. age 5-7". Now, I've been around cats all my life, and she acts older than this, but whatever, different mileage, right? The hard life and hip and tooth problem will do that to a cat. Apparently not.

The vet today estimated that she's 13. Now, I don't regret us getting her, and the cats I grew up with, who live with my mom are about 16, 16, and 14, and all of them are still kicking. But while I know I'll still have years with her, it is like our life together just got shortened by 6 or so years.

But here is a picture of her on a tiny couch I bought for her at the goodwill, so you can see that she's still having a good time.
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