I see colors like you hear jetplanes (crocodiletears) wrote,
I see colors like you hear jetplanes


Just wanted to let you guys know, with the help of Kathleen's photography skills, I posted my living room over at Saucy Dwellings. I'm getting a much stronger positive response than I'd thought I'd get, and for those of you who haven't visited me in Seattle, this is a way for me to show off my apartment to you.

In other news, Derek and I are putting together a giant fish tank with a post apocalyptic scene of the Roman Colosseum, and while up getting stuff for it in the U-district yesterday, we got to join up with an anti-budget cuts student protest. One thing that was really cool I noticed was that there were more students with physical disabilities involved in the protest than I've ever seen at UCSC. I don't know if disability services are one of the things on the chopping block, or if UCSC just had a layout that discouraged students with physical disabilities from going there, let alone marching around campus, but while all of those are only bad reasons, it was cool to see people who aren't just able-bodied white heterosexual cisgendered males feeling at home expressing themselves.
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