I see colors like you hear jetplanes (crocodiletears) wrote,
I see colors like you hear jetplanes

First Entry From Seattle

Things about Seattle:

Seattle has narrow streets and few bike lanes. It has a lot of Philly Cheese steak places. Why? The only answer anyone has been able to give me is "I dunno. Same latitude?" Produce is expensive and still comes from Watsonville. There are a lot of hills, and I am making it up a good deal of them on my bike, more than you'd probably think I could, higher and steeper than Laurel hill, but I am still tired. There is a store on the next street over that trades cash for gold, and beer for cash, so therefore beer for gold. Derek calls that a syllogism.

Something Amazing that Happened today:

I was riding my bike home in the traffic lane because there was no bike lane. As I rode past the beer for gold store -- an area that always makes me a tinge nervous because there's always several people people milling about it yelling -- a car started continuously honking his horn at me. It would have been very easy to get around me, but he didn't.

Cars fucking with me always makes nervous. I know they won't really run me over, but being nervous means I'm more likely to crash, and crashing with a car tailgating me means I'd get hurt. After a few moments I managed to figure out how to get over to the sidewalk I wanted without getting run over by the tailgater or the oncoming traffic.

Then people on the sidewalk exploded. They began cussing out the driver, and when he was gone turned their attention towards me, assuring me that I'd had a right to be there, and that next time I should just stop and hold him up while I told him.

I guess the only conclusion I can put on that is that it was pretty cool.
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Did you move to Seattle, or are you just visiting? If you have any questions, I've lived here my whole life (besides 4 years in college), so I'd be happy to answer them.

Also: "a lot of Philly Cheese steak places"... Really? Where? I've never been able to find a good philly cheese steak place.
Oh man, I totally forgot you lived here! I just moved here last month with my boyfriend and have been trying to settle in, get a job, and make friends. Want to meet for coffee sometime and be one of my new Seattle friends?

On cheese steak places: One right by my house at Union & 23rd, but it's closed. One a little further up Madison. I'm sure I've seen others, it felt like I saw at least 3 my first day here, but that covers everywhere from the airport to Central. And I can't vouch for them being any good.
We should definitely get together for coffee sometime! That could be a lot of fun.

How are you liking the city so far? I think it can sometimes be a kind of intimidating city to newcomers, as a lot of people have lived here for a loooooong time, but it really is a beautiful, amazing city. My fiancee moved out here 3 years ago, and I think the first year was kind of tough for her, just getting used to everything, but now she absolutely loves it and wants to live here for a long, long time. The city has a great soul/feel to it, a lot of great neighborhoods, and a lot of really fun things to do. Have you had much of a chance to explore?
Beer for gold? I'd like to think that they're maintaining a tradition started back when One-Eyed Willy was terrorizing the Oregon and Washington coastlines. Where else can you buy beer with a Spanish gold doubloon?
I never thought about it like that. How are you? Also, are you as excited/fearful as I am about the Watchman movie?
I'm doing ok, I guess. Changing houses, but staying in Santa Cruz, at least for another year.

I am really curious about Watchmen, and the trailer in front of Dark Knight did have a good mood, but I am also very skeptical. If Terry Gilliam considered it and deemed it impossible to condense into less than five hours, what chance does Zack "300" Snyder have? If his last two movies are any indication, he'll make this another hollow chocolate bunny movie: sweet and enticing on the outside with nothing but the sad disappointment of stale air on the inside. He could surprise me, though. What do you think?

How are you? Did the move go smoothly, and how did the place turn out?

Fuck Santa Cruz, move to Seattle.

I think you're probably right, and at the same time, I can't help but hope. I watched an interview with the costume designer, and was relieved they're keeping it in the 80s instead of pushing it into modern day. I guess they have to for the timeline to make sense with Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian being a Vietnam vet and all. The costumes do look great though, the original Minutemen's costumes look golden age. I'm always proud when they leave something more classic when they could have made it crappy and high tech. Of course, all of this speaks nothing to how they're going to fit that much plot in...

The move went fine, although the apartment is smaller than advertised, and the person we're subletting from's idea of furnished is "I'm going to leave all my crap here because I'm coming right back, k?" We're moving in the fall, which means I just need to get a job by then, which I'm starting to stress out about since Derek's already got one.
I am so terrified/ecstatic for the Watchmen movie.

Hi! So what's your take on the Watchmen? Also, how and what are you doing now?