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A moral, an adoption, and typical Liz

So, while I normally don't bore you with the mundane details of my day to day life, this past week some unusual and exciting shit has happened, I promise, if you stick with me, it's good.

1. Those of you I talk to regularly are aware that my boss is a crazy, racist, sexist, verbally abusive asshole. This man has told me that I am good at math "for a girl", and asked my coworker of Mexican decent if Mexicans like snow "because I know black people don't". I have on good authority that he used to be an actual pimp, and, in between screaming at and belittling employees, he makes vague references to the mob, and how he left Boston 20 years ago and has never been back. I've been looking for another job, but there's the "Global Economic Downturn" and I don't know anyone in this city.

Well, update on that: He sold the business, but, like the weirdo he is, wouldn't leave. So, last Thursday, for some tax related reason, cops ran into my place of work looking for my boss. My boss ran out the back door, and I have not seen him since. He now leaves weird messages on my coworker's answering machine saying that the new owners of the shop don't want her and she should come work for him. My new bosses are nice, and I have a raise.

2. Derek and I got a cat. I became deeply entrenched in the politics of cat adoption, realizing that I want to support no kill shelters, but also reading that many no kill shelters turn away cats they feel are less desirable because they have to keep their inventory of cats moving. Turning away cats from a no kill shelter occupies a similar space in my brain as saying the U.S. doesn't torture, but shipping prisoners out to countries we know do. If you're turning away a cat from no kill shelters, you know this person who can't keep them or doesn't want them is taking them to a shelter that euthanizes, and you're just outsourcing this thing you claim to think is immoral.

So, I posted to the Seattle livejournal community asking about local animal rescues and who takes all animals regardless of age or illness. What I got was a few good recommendations, and one comment from a woman who rescued a cat from malnutrition in a parking lot, but couldn't keep the cat because she hated the woman's dogs. Anyway, this woman was commenting to let me know about rescues that had turned down this cat because of a minor hip problem and some missing teeth. So, Kathleen took us to go see this cat. And the internet, which has always given me so much (roommates, boyfriends, housing situations) has now given me a cat. The people fostering her were calling her Honey. From there, it was only two short jumps for Derek to start calling her Attila, and here she is.

Attila all settled in

She likes sitting on our chests and drooling down on us when she is happy, and she cannot allow any cuddles to take place without her being a part of them. I'll leave to your imagination how that affects my and Derek's lives. Anyway, I'm very happy to have her here, and my life is now filled with the rich happiness than in my experience only a cat brings.

3. I lost my wallet, and due to exceedingly strict requirements for a WA state ID, I'm afraid that I simply do not have enough papers to get a new ID without joining a Native American tribe or the military. I can not get a new bank card until I have ID, and I spent about a third of my cash on supplies to clean up a cat urine stain on my bed. She was nervous, and has since settled in. We'll see how this plays out.
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